Here are some FAQ that we have encountered in the last few years. Can’t find an answer to your question? No problem just ask we’d be happy to help! 

Do I get a disc of all the high- res edited photos?

  • Yes! Our wedding package includes a disc of all your high-resolution, edited images.

Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other site once I get the DVDs?

  • Yes! We love Social Media, as in we are a little obsessed. As stated in our contract, you may use your photos for personal use only. If you want to share them on Social Media platforms, we’re cool with that as long as you; you give us photo credit under every photo.

What kind of cameras do you have?

  • Canon 5ds Mark III, Canon 6D, and all prime L lenses. We also have a few film cameras that we bring out sometimes…but for the most part, we are digital.

Can I have or see all of the unedited photos you took at our wedding?

  • Sorry! We don’t release any unedited photos, ever. But don’t worry, we give you the best ones and trash all the half blinks, weird smiles, and triple chin shots.

Do you offer albums?

  • Of course! Our albums take approximately 1-3 months to complete. These albums are custom-designed by us and hand crafted by some of the best album companies in the nation

Do you offer videography?

  • Of course we do! We have an amazing team of rad videographers that offer cinema quality videos, no 80’s shenanigans here.

What other services do you offer?

  • We offer a super fun photo booth that is always and I mean always a hit at weddings/events. So awesome that most grandmas take in on the action.

Are you cheap?

  • McDonald’s is cheap, Walmart is cheap, Fruit of the Loom underwear is cheap; we are fair.

Is that it?

  • Pretty much, if we don’t have it don’t worry I am sure we can connect you with some of our amazing industry friend who offer all our clients great discounts.
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